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All table decoration…



You will find here many ideas of table decorations and everything you need to realise them following various theme.


All the opportunities are good to give a festive touch to your table.


 Baroque decoration theme : black, white and silver   

Romantic decoration theme : white, purple and grey

Passion decoration theme : red and white      

Asian decoration theme : red and black

Jungle decoration theme : chocolate and green anise

Pop decoration theme : fuchsia, white, green anise and orange

Natural decoration theme : green anise and white

English countryside decoration theme : light pink and taupe

Decoration   seaside theme : taupe and blue

Spring decoration theme : fuchsia, green anise and white

Summer decoration theme : red, green and white

Autumn decoration theme : chocolate and orange

Winter decorative decoration : white and silver

Chinese decoration theme : red, black and white

Indian decoration theme : purple, orange and silver

Eastern decorative theme : chocolate, orange and gold

Islands decorative theme : turquoise, green anise and white

Multicoloured decoration theme : fuchsia, purple, turquoise, green and orange

Young girl decoration theme : fuchsia and white

Little guy decoration theme : turquoise and chocolate


Tête-à-tête, with friends or with family, you will find different tables decoration according to atmosphere in which you want to take the people you share your dinner with.

 You can also find table decoration ideas for a wedding, a baptism, and the great party of the year : Christmas, New Year’s Eve, St. Valentine's Day, Pancake Day, Easter, the Mother's Day, the Father's Day and Halloween.

 Enjoy with eyes before enjoying by eating!  Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any suggestion, desire or simply questions.

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